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Aaliyah Latifah (Full name Aaliyah Latifah Crooks) is a 16 year old recording artist & songwriter from the UK.
She was named after her mother's favorite artists at the time, Aaliyah Dana Haughton & Queen Latifah.

Growing up was difficult for Aaliyah because her father wasn't in her life and her relationship with her mother was rocky.
At the age of around 10, Aaliyah started singing and writing songs. Her older sister sung too, so she was very inspired by her.
Aaliyah would write about things that were going on in her life and how she felt etc.

She always wanted a career in acting or singing but music was always more of a passion.
When she was younger she listened to artist like Mary J Blige, Aaliyah, Kelly Rowland, Brandy & Ashanti - just to name a few.

In 2010 she recorded her first song 'Notice me', a song she wrote that people could relate to. Aaliyah was very nervous about showing people, because it was her first time releasing any music and she wasn't sure how people would react. But it went better than she thought it would, as a lot of people liked it and started supporting her.

Aaliyah Latifah has since grown as an artist and has also been told by supporters and people that have known her since she first started, that she has improved both vocally and lyrically.
She writes songs non-stop and has even began to ghost write for other artist. She has appeared in magazines like Niji mag and Life in colour (LIC). She is also in the Top 10 UK R&B/Pop charts via Reverbnation with over 15,000 fans!

Her musical inspirations are Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Beyonce & Mary J Blige. "They all are very powerful women with a different style. Every time I hear their music it makes me want to grab a pen and paper and just write something very creative."

Aaliyah is very mature for her age and puts her creativity and experience into songs that she writes, with hopes that her audience will relate.
She writes about things she has experienced herself but also things others have experienced. One of her dreams is to write a song for a major artist and get recognized in the industry.

Despite recent setbacks, and plans to release a mixtape dropped, Aaliyah is now working on a 8 track E.P called 'Hear me out' , which will be a mixture of R&B, Hip hop, Pop/Club, Dubstep & DnB.
The E.P will show her full potential and versatility as an artist and hopefully gain her more fans!

Aaliyah Latifah


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