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Why You Should Be Using Kickstarter


If you haven’t yet heard of Kickstarter, it’s time to get on board. Kickstarter is an online funding platform for entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, and just about anybody with a good idea. It lets you describe the details of a new project you’re currently working on and makes it easy for anybody to pledge money for that project. If you get enough money pledged in time, you get the funds to finance your project; if not, you get nothing. It’s simple enough. Unfortunately Kickstarter is only available to US residents right now, but it can be a great new way for an artist 
to raise money for their next album.

In 2011 alone, over $100 million in pledges were raised with about $32.5 million of that going towards film projects and another $19.8 million going towards music projects. A little short on cash for your next music video? Here comes Kickstarter to the rescue.

Of course money doesn’t just come pouring in from random people on the internet, you have to compel them to donate. Kickstater lets you post a video to describe your project in detail, and unlike other fundraising platoforms, it doesn’t claim any ownership in the projects. Instead of just heckling friends and family for money, you can now scour the internet for potential investors. 

About 12,000 projects were successfully funded last year, or around 46% of all projects. Much of that due in large part to Kickstarter’s rewards system which lets you offer incentives for more money donated. For example, if you donate $15 you might get a free cd, but if you donate $150 you could get a free cd, tshirt, poster, and tickets to the band’s next show.

With projects like 3D printers and liquid sculptures being funded, who’s to say your next album shouldn’t be funded too? 

So next time you need just a little financial help to complete the greatest album ever created, you know where to turn.

By: Ryan J. Colburn


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