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10 Must-Bring Merch for Your Band Tour

10 Must-Bring Merch for Your Band Tour
A Guest Post by Unified Manufacturing

If you have a band and it’s your first time to go on tour, first of all…congratulations! Now chop chop and make sure you have these merch ready for your tour:

1. CDs, of course!
They say CD is dead but they’re still making lots of CDs. Think of one professional musician who hasn’t released a CD. Think. Having a tough time, eh? That’s because releasing a CD is a must for legitimate musicians. Sure, CD sales are down and all but the guys who’ll watch your concert are obviously willing to pay for music. If you’re still doubtful, here are 10 reasons why people still buy music in CD. To give ‘em a little push, make sure you have a really, really awesome CD packaging. It’s what they cannot download.

2. Your Kick-ass Band t-shirt
If you’re already famous, simply print your band logo on a tee and it will sell like hot cakes. But chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re not yet nearly as famous as the guys who have band logos (think Rolling Stones). So…the best thing to do is make really awesome statement shirts with very lovely designs. It should be something they’d want to wear even if they don’t know anything about your band. You have to know your market. You can have something very simple or go crazy with an interactive tee.

3. Stickers
Decal stickers are cheap and handy and are still collected by many. You can even give it away for free because it’s too darn cheap. This is one great way to nurture your fans so you’ll have loyal superfans in the future.

4. Silicon wristbands
This became famous many years ago but it never goes out of style. There are so many options for your process (embossed, debossed, printed, ink injected) and colors (any color you like!) and stock (neon, with glitters, swirls, stripes). It’s something that your fans would want to buy for their friends because it’s cheap and very fashionable. Unlike tees, silicon wristbands can be worn everyday.

5. Buttons
Like stickers and posters, buttons are a classic. You must not go on tour without lots of buttons because your fans will look for it. Like silicon wristbands, this can be worn every single day. It’s cheap, it’s fast and easy to make. If you think buttons are so outdated, check out other kick-ass promotional items that can be made for less than $5.

6. Custom Flash Drives
Many musicians, from Bob Marley to Lady Gaga, have released albums in USB flash drives. They love the USB drive because they can pack in MP3 files plus exclusive video interviews, music videos, band member profiles, games, and many more. But aside from the obvious, the USB flash drive also serves as a great marketing tool. If the CD legitimizes you as a musician, the USB flash drive gives fans the impression that you’re innovative and that you’re willing to try new things to make them happy. Of course, go all the way by putting them in a really kick-ass flash drive packaging.

7. Custom Bandanas
If you want something more hip and less expensive than a cap, go for custom bandanas! It’s just a big handkerchief (or half a triangle of a kerchief) with your logo or statement. Since it’s wearable and sooo cheap, your promotion will spread much faster.

8. Drop Cards
Drop cards or Download cards are for those who can’t afford the CD. They’re very easy to transport, people love them, and they don’t cost that much. The advantage of dropcards is that it they can put it in their wallets, turn it into a keychain, bookmarks, or improvised pendant. You can customize your dropcards and make it look like a dog tag/ pendant. Here are some ways you can promote your band using drop cards.

9. Posters
You might think “how cliche!” but what can we do, people still look for posters during tours. And there are so many ways you can make a really creative poster—take inspiration from these interactive posters.

10. Vinyl Records
Okay, so this one is pretty expensive and you probably might not even sell one but this is a big plus for your branding. It will make people think you’re so cool because you have vinyl records! They’ll love you more. The secret? Just make very few pieces- 10 or 20 perhaps. It is possible! Consider it as a marketing investment. If one or two or twenty fans will buy it, that’s just a bonus.

Unified Manufacturing is a custom CD/DVD and Vinyl Manufacturing facility based on both sides of the US. We also manufacture band merch. Our clients range from indie artists to major label artists such as Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, and Ringo Starr. If you need an Instant Quote on a project AND you want FREE SHIPPING ( free shipping on all quotes from the blog) – Then CLICK HERE.


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