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Treat Me Like I'm Five

Treat Me Like I’m Five

By Robin Yukiko - March 25th 2013

I’ve been teaching kids for a few years now. It can be a constant vie for their attention, affection, and trust. I want them to think I am cool but also to listen to and respect me.

In other words, it's exactly like adult human interaction.

So, when dealing with fans, why do we treat them like we have already won them over? Adults, like kids, have a short attention span. They need games: intrigue, competition, and straight up fun (well, I suppose your music could be for naptime). The game can represent your music, newsletter, or a literal game/contest/poll.

- Play the same game twice in a row and suddenly they hate it. ("But last week you loved it!")

- Play it too long and they get bored.

- Make it too complicated and they give up before the fun starts.

As the creator, you need to be genuinely interested in the game itself, or they won't buy into it. It can't be hard, and it has to be something they can easily share with their friends.

We want to be rewarded.

Every call to action we ask of our fans has to reward them in some way. (Free song, merch, shout out on your website, etc)

Sometimes I hear a song or band that I HAVE to share with friends. But if it doesn't find me, why should I care? Give your fans a reason to care, or at least a reason to listen to your music once.

You have to act like you want the toy before someone grabs it for himself. So tell people what you are excited about, what to listen for. Give them a reason. Because we're all just kids just waiting to be entertained. And if you happen to slip in some shredded carrots and convince us it's cheese, props to you.

Robin Yukiko is a Berklee College of Music grad, singer-songwriter, pianist, and music educator in San Francisco. She performs regularly and hosts the SF Singer-Songwriters’ Workshop at the Musicians Union Local 6. Robin is currently producing her second album and enjoying nerdly pursuits. Join Robin’s mailing list at Live-Banner-General-Homepage.jpg

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