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The Easy Way to Record Your Band in Your Rehearsal Space

The Easy Way to Record Your Band in Your Rehearsal Space

A Guest Post by Crowd Audio

If you’re in a band, chances are you want to record your music.

It’s hard to get those gigs when you don’t have any decent recordings of your songs. Your smartphone is not really the best way to capture your music, especially if you want to show it around town.

It’s great in a pinch, or if you just need to get that new song recorded so that all the band members can listen to it between practices. But it’s never gonna be a professional sounding record.

If you know nothing about recording, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

And it’s easier than you think.

Music Recording Equipment Basics

If you’re going to record music in your rehearsal space you need a few things. It depends on what kind of music you’re creating. If you’re just a singer/songwriter you need minimal equipment for a good recording. If you’re going to record a full band with drums and all, it gets a little more complex.

Not to worry though, once you’ve gotten the basics down it’s fairly simple. You just need a little more equipment.

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