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5 Tips For Getting Featured On Beatport

5 Tips For Getting Featured On Beatport

A Guest Post by Symphonic Distribution

So you have a new release and want it to be featured on Beatport. Get ready! There is a lot of competition, but the good news is that it can all happen with some consistency and good music. Here are some simple yet effective ways to increase your chances of being featured on the coveted site.

1. Plan ahead.

Planning ahead is vital in order to be considered for a feature. All banners that you see on the site are actually planned weeks ahead. So remember to deliver your music 2-3 weeks prior to your release date and to communicate in the featured release form the entire promotion efforts you will be doing for the release.

2. Get a high quality release cover

Make sure it’s as sharp and high-quality as you can. Use smart design principles. Get help from a professional graphic designer if need be, we can also help you design your release. We cannot stress this enough: This is your music’s first impression, so spend some quality time on this. Everyone sees the cover art before they hear the music. Not only will Beatport judge it – all the blogs will. It should draw full attention. This will not only help you get more fans, but Beatport will see you have taken the time to get some cool art work and have a strong branding effort. If you’d like more details on what younger music fans are looking for get the scoop here.

3. Remember to spell check!

Editors will notice any misspelling and will not take these types of releases in consideration. Remember to have a solid release bio as well that describes the release itself and not the bio of the artist. Keep it short and to the point, but as descriptive as possible with key words.

4. Sharing and Social Presence.

Your social networks, websites, and photos should all be cohesive. Beatport and other retailers do their research and there is a chance that they will support someone that has a solid social presence – AND a well-branded social presence. You must have a logo or professional press photo as well as a well-designed Facebook cover picture. Make it look great – it’s not that costly anymore to get top quality design.

Also, one of Beatport’s best indicators that your release will sell well is the traction and plays your release has. Work on getting as many REAL plays as possible. Join Soundcloud groups to help get more traction as well. Get the scoop on Soundcloud groups here.

5. Get prepared to answer some questions.

Stores like Beatport want to know that you are doing to promote your music. To increase these chances you should supply: Amount of Fans Artist has, amount of fans label has, DJ Support, marketing efforts done & expected sales. Make sure that any coverage you do get while you’ve been promoting, you actually communicate it to at least a week in advance, so we are able to communicate to the specific genre managers.

Beatport does not send us notifications about the releases they select for features, so we suggest you review the various pages of Beatport on release week to see if your release was selected. Best of luck!

Ready to submit for a feature? Just fill out the form in the content portal and we’ll communicate your interest! Not selling on Beatport yet? Check out our distribution options and we make it happen!


Symphonic Distribution was launched in the winter of 2006 by a Music Producer from Tampa, Florida. The company was launched with the intention of providing new and established record labels cost effective digital distribution to retailers such as iTunes, Beatport, Rhapsody, Amazon, and more with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. By the end of 2007, the company

struck agreements with over 250 record labels, and improved its offerings to include additional services such as Mastering, Marketing, Label/Artist Development, and more.


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