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Fan Engagement for Independent Artists

Fan Engagement for Independent Artists

A Guest Post by MARQUEE

The internet has done a lot for the independent artist.

It has brought down the major record labels and given any musician with a computer the means to become their own producer, manager, publicist, and distributor.

It has also created over-saturation.

The now fabled competition to get discovered and signed by a major label has been replaced by the drive to post a YouTube music video with over a million views, or a Facebook page with over a hundred-thousand likes.

What independent musicians need to remember is the music industry has, and always will be about one thing: the relationship with your fans. The number and strength of these relationships is the key to standing out from the crowd and gaining real traction as an upcoming band.

Track Your Fans

You may know how many people showed up to your gig last night, but do you know who they are?

Mailing lists are so last-decade. They’re good for one thing: providing contact information. Still that very contact information, and the response rate from those contacts, is unreliable at best.

Mobile marketing allows independent artists to track the real-time location of their fans, then target important announcements, content offers, and experiences based on that information. In the past, artists and venues could only offer such targeted content if their fans provided their contact information manually, on that outdated mailing list for example.

Engage Your Fans

So now you have a dynamic network of active fans. You know where your fans live, how many shows they attend and how often, as well as how much money they’ve spent on your band.

You still have two very important questions to answer:

  • How do you turn a passive fan on the fringe of your fan base, into a passionate supporter?
  • How do you thank loyal fans for all their years of support while still keeping their experiences fresh and exciting?

The answer is fan engagement.

Fan engagement = digital interactivity on social networks + attendance at live shows.

Any child of the digital age worth their weight in Macbooks has social networking downconcert-crowd to a science. Independent musicians have relied on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud to attract attention.

The thing is, social networks cannot guarantee attendance at live shows. The solution is to create a real community around your band.

Independent artists who offer exclusive content (like unreleased music or behind the scenes videos), and create highly interactive experiences encourage fans to become highly invested in you as an artist. The relationship is personal, candid, and super effective. The jam-band Umphrey’s McGee are pioneers of this type of fan engagement.

Be authentic in your messages, and generous in your offers. Embrace emerging technology and watch your fanbase grow.

MARQUEE a New Orleans based mobile tech company with an addiction to live music and a talent for finding the groove. We develop innovative solutions that enhance the connection between fans and artists.


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