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Musicians Earn Superfans Through Authenticity and Generosity

Musicians Earn Superfans Through Authenticity and Generosity

A Guest Post by MARQUEE

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In the last post we talked about the importance of cultivating an inner-circle of superfans. These passionate fans form the core of your audience and are the most likely to support you by purchasing exclusive content, merchandise and live experiences. Today, we’ll explore how to earn the support of those superfans.

Fan acquisition starts with your message.

In a nutshell, fans want to be included in an on-going dialogue with their favorite artists. Fans need to feel like they’re a part of your artistic journey, so establish a meaningful relationship with them.

Be authentic, fans don’t want to be spammed.

In a digital space where countless artists compete for the attention of music consumers, spam is the fastest way to alienate even the most loyal supporters.

Your fans, especially superfans, don’t want to hear from managers or record companies – they want to talk to you. Whether it comes to sharing tour announcements or mundane updates, the message should be in your own voice.

Sustainable music careers are just as much about fan interaction as writing, rehearsing and performing your music.

MTV Research arrived at some really interesting conclusions about how fans want to interact with artists:

  • Constant contact at zero-distance: over 75% of music fans polled said they “feel a strong connection to musicians who are open about who they are,” and 53% say the more an artist shares, the closer they feel to them.

  • Selling content is ok, selling yourself is not: 68% of fans polled say there is “no such thing as selling out” so long as the artist is perceived as “real and not fake.” This means that digital content, concert tickets and merchandise are all fair-game so long as they fit your overall image.

Not surprisingly, fans don’t want to be sold to, so in addition to crafting an authentic message, consider offering free digital content, like behind-the-scenes videos or pictures, which help to tell the story of your band.

Be generous, your fans will love you for it.

Superfans will spend money on your band, but they expect more in return. Namely, they expect the unexpected.

Music fans chase those singular, transcendental moments. Much in the same way that superfans are attracted by exclusive access to their artists, your most loyal supporters will attend live shows and consume your music just for the chance to be a part of something they’ve never experienced before.

Reward your most passionate fans with unprecedented access to you.

Invite them to watch your soundcheck or hang-out with you backstage. Offer digital content like live-show recordings or unreleased material to strengthen the connection between audience and artist. Offering free content alongside premium “for-sale” content is a great way to allow your fans to support you without spamming them.

Create amazing experiences for your current fans and new fans are sure to follow

Those “you-had-to-have-been-there” moments cause fans to feel a deep connection with you as an artist. The core of your message should convey this sense of exclusive inclusion.  Make membership in your fanbase so valuable, that “fringe fans” feel that they’re “missing-out” by not supporting you to the fullest.

Marketing for musicians used to be about building awareness of your music in hopes of attracting new fans. Now superfans are the marketers, preaching the gospel of your band to potential new fans.

When your story is authentic and your content flows generously, you’ll attract new fans who want to be part of your community.

MARQUEE a New Orleans based mobile tech company with an addiction to live music and a talent for finding the groove. We develop innovative solutions that enhance the connection between fans and artists.


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