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Tips for Creating Your Own Music Video

Tips for Creating Your Own Music Video

A guest post by Kevin Gannon

If you are a musician of any kind in our modern uber-digital age—be it a rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist, etc...—you have probably already dabbled in the online music arena. And that's great! But if you are looking to make your name more well-known and established and you are relatively new, you're obviously going to have some questions. One of them being: Where do I start when it comes to shooting and releasing my own music video? Good question! Hopefully this guide can help make the path of creating and later sharing your own video an easier one.

Determine If You Need One or Not

This tip might seem obvious, but it's incredibly important. Too often I've seen artists deliver music videos that either fall short creatively, look rushed in numerous areas, or simply do not deliver in terms of quality. When going into the process of shooting a video, you need to first determine if it's worth your time, energy, and money—a tip that you can really use in any aspect of your life. And if it is...

Build a Strong Team Around You

You need to make sure you have the right team (and equipment, but more on that next) in place to make your vision come to life. Otherwise, you're going to be another person on YouTube with around 1,000 views, if that. When it comes to that team, you'll need the obvious people on your side. That includes several people in the filming process, including a potential director, cameraman or two, and someone on sound. A director isn't necessary if you feel comfortable taking on that role yourself or if you want your crew to serve as a directorial team. If the latter is the case, you'll want their input in creating the video's storyboard/theme/narrative.

Have the Right Equipment

Buying the "right" equipment all depends on your budget, of course, so don't think you can purchase something like a RED camera just because you read about it somewhere. When it comes down to it, the proper equipment really doesn't need to be flashy or expensive or even high-definition. That being said, you'll want a few cameras in place to get multiple angles. You will also need to spend additional time re-shooting various portions of your video's storyboard to get even more angles.

And in doing that, you'll want to make sure you hear your own song, which means playing it during the shoot. According to Verizon, some artists have found success with wireless speakers like those offered by Bose. They appear pretty affordable and lightweight, too. Additionally, you would be able to stream your song into the speaker from someone's smartphone on the set using the Bluetooth capabilities.

Of course, once this is all wrapped up, you'll need the appropriate editing software and a computer that can handle it. If you record music on your own, chances are you have one that's powerful enough to handle software like Final Cut Pro, for example, so that shouldn't add too much to your budget's bottom line.

Promote It Properly

If you have your video ready to go, chances are more than likely that you'll be sharing it online. While some users prefer Vimeo for allowing the sharpest look, YouTube is the way to go so you can monetize the content. Another article on Music Clout looked into this topic effectively, but it's important to realize the other channels of promoting your video.

If you are familiar with any music writers or bloggers, you should contact them as soon as you can show them a preview of your video. You should also see if they will premiere it exclusively on their website so that ensure they'll give it an extra push. You should do the same on your respective social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, and pointing them to the blog that premiered the video. That means more eyes on your content and on their site, so everyone will be satisfied. You'll definitely want to keep the writers happy, so that they can do more with your music down the line. If you're a hip-hop artist, by the way, this is a great place to start when it comes to blogs to submit your work to.

About The Writer

Kevin Gannon is a recent college graduate with an English degree and a strong passion for the music industry. In addition to writing about and reviewing new songs, videos, and albums, he's always studying the latest trends in music to learn more about the business.


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