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How to capitalize off of social media and create a comprehensive portfolio

How to capitalize off of social media and create a comprehensive portfolio.

A Guest Post By Khadeidra Allen

Gone are the days of the Myspace music page where you can list all of your music, events and accomplishments. Here are some tip and tricks to help you capitalize off of social media and create a comprehensive portfolio in the process. First you want to make sure you have all your ducks in a row whether you are approaching a major label or and indie label. Both would require for you to have everything planned out and presentable.

These days it's not enough to just have a SoundCloud link or a YouTube video. You need to have a plethora of social networks and places that show cases your music.

YouTube: YouTube is not only about giving a visual to go along with your music but it also showcases your stage presence. Can you draw in the audience? Can you keep their attention? Are you trendy? Are you good enough to maybe start a new trend or change/enhance a current one? A YouTube video does so much more than just show your vocal abilities.

SoundCloud: Every aspiring artist has or should have a SoundCloud page. Remember it's not about how many people click on your SoundCloud link it's about how many people are moved enough to comment on it. I'll talk more about the importance of social networking comments later

Twitter: Like with your SoundCloud click count it's quality over quantity. Having 1,000+ followers means nothing if no one in your followers list is in the industry or has any influence to help with your career. I would say go to your followers list get rid of all spam and make a introduction to anyone you find in the industry. Ex. "Hi, I noticed you have (work title) in your bio I am really trying to get my music heard. Thanks for the follow and I welcome any advice." Simple and straight to the point. Don't expect a response for everyone but know that it is worth the risk.

Facebook: Create a fan page. Remember comments and likes are important.

LinkedIn: Easiest and most efficient way to get in contact with industry leaders and the ones who will have the best advice and guidance are on LinkedIn.

Wordpress: You will need a centralized place to show case all of your accolades. It is ok to walk into a record label stating that your music is good but it's better to have proof. This is where the importance of the comment sections on your various social networks come in. Any comment you receive on your SoundCloud link, YouTube page, or Facebook fan page screen cap them to add to a Wordpress blog so you have a centralized place to show your accomplishments. You can also screen cap tweets sent to you about your music as well. It's best to create a new post for each song you are trying to showcase. Start off with a short background of the song make sure to identify the songwriters, composers and producers if possible. Someone will want to know who had a hand in creating the song.  The Wordpress blog would serve as an online resume for all of your music; a site that holds all the information necessary to get your music out there and more importantly taken seriously!

Eventbrite: Do not knock the importance of live music. You want your audience to know that not only can you perform but you can perform live. (No Milli Vanilli) You want to show the audience that you can capture their attention. So if you have to put on a free showcase somewhere just to get your music heard do it. Music listeners are interested in experiences now a days not just good music to listen to. Provide that memory to go along with your music don't let your audience's life experiences do it for you. Remember the more people you can get your music to the better.

MusicClout: If you're reading this then you already know where to find the best place to store all of your music and create a great artist profile page. You can set up a free account and upgrade as necessary. MusicClout is also a good resource for aspiring artists. Everything you need to know is there.

I hope you put all of these tips to use. Good luck hope to hear you on the radio soon!

-Khadeidra Allen



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