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The Essence Of Viral Stories

A Guest Post by Symphonic Distribution

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HammaDigital music has a popular blog aside from its PR Agency. The blog ran multiple stories that got viral in a natural way. A number of these stories are of a satirical nature,where humor and self reflection is key. Not every story is necessarily funny. However, the key points of good humor are the level as to which someone can relate to a story or if a certain angle of the story is a current news event

The key to a viral story is a story that has crossed people’s minds before, but where it was previously unpublished. When you give people a tangible story to share – something they had already thought of themselves – they are more inclined to share.

As an example, Hammarica ran a satirical story on Hardwell and Sasha:

These two artists are world famous in their own respective genres, which are essentially very different. Yet, Beatport and other respected outlets qualify their music under one genre: progressive house.

Progressive house is what Sasha was known for for many years. An underground style of house music/techno. Often more abstract in its form, but more friendly to the ear than most techno which tends to be more monotone. Progressive house uses melody and innovative sounds on solid grooves, without much vocals and the use of a lot of dubby sounds.

Hardwell’s sound is what most people refer to as big room house, or even EDM. It’s way more commercial and made for instant crowd response at festivals due to its more easily digestible structure. Both sounds have their own audience and thrive in their own respective ways. However, combine them into one genre and it just won’t make sense since the sound is too far apart.

People were discussing it and thinking about it. But it was only when we added some humor to the concept where thousands of people all around the world were sharing a story. Sasha essentially had sued Hardwell and Beatport over the use of the word progressive house, which he had promoted for years on end. Of course, this fact was not true, and many people realized that, but the message was real, and therefore it was shared.

These concepts of virality can be taken into account when writing press releases. The amount of newly promoted music in the global dance scene is almost over saturated and it is hard to grab people’s attention.

When NOT writing about a specific release, but writing about other events in an artist’s life, more virality can be achieved. Think of how many times Kanye West, Justin Bieber, or Rihanna are in the news; then come to the conclusion that most of the time the story is NOT about their music. Yet, the name becomes more and more familiar over time, or notorious if you will..

This method of spreading an artist’s name in the media essentially will help drive the record and ticket sales much more than standard ‘new release’ notifications and press releases.

Guest Post by: Wilf Libgott

Wilf is the owner and publicist of PR agency and 657 Artist Management out of Seattle, WA. Hammarica is one of our preferred PR partners that works with Symphonic Distribution in assisting our labels and clients with their PR needs. Welcome to check out all their offerings in our Hammarica PR Page.



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