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Top 15 most popular musicians on social media

Top 15 most popular musicians on social media

Trends change with the change in time. The advent of technology particularly of internet has revolutionized almost every single aspect of our lives. The one, flexible with this change, is more likely to succeed. Celebrities are no different in this case. Stars who have adopted modern technological trends are more famous, wealthy, liked, and appreciated when compared with the ones who rely on traditional ways of marketing themselves.

Take the example of Justin Bieber. He was seen for the very first time on YouTube. In no time, he had fans from all round the globe. His peers and other celebs have also learnt their lesson. Now, it is a race between all these powerful folks ranging from politicians to athletes, actors to journalists, small companies to multinational brands. Singers are not an exception. They try their level best to gain more popularity over the digital media.

Since they believe that more popularity over social media is synonym to more success. Therefore, they always stay updated and connected with their fans on social media platforms. According to the latest statistics, Rihanna is the most popular singer on social media as she keeps herself busy tweeting, commenting, uploading her pictures and videos, and answering her fans on facebook, twitter, and YouTube. Next to her is Justin Bieber, and then comes Eminem at third spot. The lady with a beautiful heart, Katy Perry, stands at no. 4.

The Columbian singer, dancer, and songwriter Shakira finds a spot at 5th position. Known for her striking costumes, Lady Gaga captures 6th spot. At no. 7 is the vocal queen Beyonce. With a distinguished style Bruno Mars stands at 8th position. Surprisingly, Taylor Swift, who deserves a much better spot, comes down at no. 9. Jennifer Lopez earned millions of more hearts with her performance at 2014 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony is at no. 10.

The innocent looking Britney Spears needs to increase her interaction with her social media followers, she is at 11th spot in this list. At no. 12 is the cutest of all, Salena Gomez. The twerking queen, Miley Cyrus, is good enough to take a spot in this list at 13. Alecia Beth Moore Hart better known with her stage name P!nk captures 14th spot in this list. The hip hopper Shrim Daddy or you may call him Lil Wayne completes this list of top 15 most popular singers on social media and is at 15th spot.


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