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The Power Of Asking

The Power Of Asking

How and When to do it, and why it’s imperative to success

Have you ever played a gig then stood around wondering and waiting to see how much you are going to get paid?  Often to end up not getting paid at all?  Have you ever left a gig swearing that that was the last free gig you’re ever going to play, but it wasn’t?  Why?  Well, because the truth is, we love to play music.  We love it so much that we actually would play and often do for free.  But this is how slowly but surely, one-by-one musicians die.  They decide to focus on their real job and play just for fun.  Eventually, they give it up altogether.

Over time I have developed and grown my skills in just “asking” for what I want, need, and deserve. You would be surprised at how easy it actually is once you get past the initial fear. Furthermore, it is amazing how often people say YES! I use to be prideful and what I thought was humble at the same time about asking for money due to me. I didn’t know how to go about making sure I got paid for a gig I was going to play, or for teaching music or any other number of drumming opportunities. Well not anymore!

Maybe it happened when I reached the ripe age of thirty and was sick of being BROKE! I learned quickly no one was just going to offer me money because I was polite enough to wait my turn so to speak. Now I flipped way over to the other side, and ask for everything I want. Sometimes it even sounds insane as it comes out of my mouth some of the things I ask for, but crazy enough I almost always get it. The times I have gotten rejected, were usually a blessing in disguise, and barely bruised my ego at all. The truth is, that...

  1)  Most people do have a giving nature, and want to help or compensate you justly

2) Sometimes people don't know what they should pay you until you tell them

3) If they are trying to be greedy or shady and not pay you, that's even more reason to give them the finger and Demand your money

4) Ask, and Ye’ shall receive!

If you have enough confidence in what you’re asking, (which comes from being fair and knowing you deserve it) and use the right “tone”, people will know it is the right thing to do. They're subconscious will pick up on the pattern of doing what you are powerfully, carefully “suggesting”. The power of suggestion is very powerful and is worth really studying deeply.

Having a professional price sheet is a great way to show you know what you’re doing, and gives your client more assurance than just verbally spitting out a number. Your price sheet is going to be more for the gigs that you are trying to get as the band manager and that you have to give a bid for, than a hired gun situation that usually is more set based on experience,  how much they love you and their budget.

If you are in the field of playing weddings, corporate gigs, high end venues, parties and major events, you will want to have a price sheet. Having a Price sheet in a professional “shock and awe package” will allow you to charge more money, secure a much higher closing rate (get a lot more high paying gigs to hire you), and create a clear understanding of exactly what is included in the price and what isn’t ie: How many hours you will play, what equipment will you bring, are they going to feed you etc.   

You can email it to your potential clients, or you can bring on a consultation. When you lay it all out on paper it lets the client really see all the value they are getting, which makes them feel more comfortable writing you a check for $3,000 than you just giving them the price out loud with no explanation of how you came up with the number. For a Free example that you can swipe and use go to  enter info and put “Price Sheet” in comment area.

You are an important part of economic circulation.  Musicians have one of the most important jobs in the world.  Not to mention, the most difficult. Mindset is an integral part of success.  You have to let go of any ideas or programming that feeds the ego a romantic story of struggle and sacrifice to allow yourself to be a well-paid, respected entrepreneur, businessman or woman and most of all professional musician.

Allow people and the universe to compensate you justly.  Even more, demand it.  There is no pride or reward in shrinking.  This being said, there’s no pride or reward in greed or self-indulgence either.  The skys the limit, but be realistic and fair about what you’re asking for.  Always over deliver, take pride in your playing, work ethic, and your self.  You can have any amount you want but you need to be willing to deliver an equally valuable product or service.

Make sure you are more than happy to explain to the client why the price is what it is.  Are you paying the band?  Are there travel expenses, rehearsal?  These are okay to list; your truck payment is not.

Another very common mistake is discounting yourself right after you quote your price. I learned this from my friend and mentor Ed Rush. As he was explaining not to do this, I realized that I did it all too often.

They would ask how much and I would state the price. And then before they said anything, I discounted it substantially.  Don’t make this mistake.  State your price and then shut-up.  Stay silent until they agree or object.  If they agree, congratulations!  Don’t smile so big that they think you pulled one over on them.

If they object, negotiate.  Practice quoting big prices with a straight face to friends, family, or in the mirror.  Pick wisely who you share with.  People get fearful of others success. Unless in a safe environment, they can knock you down or discourage you in a second without even meaning to you.

In conclusion, sales are an essential piece of the puzzle.  Educate yourself.  Sales make or break your dream career.  Don’t be cheap on your way to success, invest in learning what you can about marketing and sales to further your musical career.  Everything is energy including money.  If you’re afraid to let it go and circulate, it cannot circulate to you.  If you are in fear of lack, you’ll get stuck there.

Take a leap of faith and trust in abundance. Most importantly, practice, practice, practice. You will never feel “ready” or “qualified” to start asking for money you deserve. If you do feel totally comfortable, it's time to raise your prices! You always get a little rush of nerves before quoting your price, but that's our little secret, don't let them know that. Play it cool.

It is every musicians right and responsibility to get paid for the unique, and precious gift that is music that we bring to this world.

About the Author:

Maegan Widdes is a Musician’s Institute graduate from the P.I.T. program. She has played professionally all over Southern California at some of the most famous venues, with bands for musicals, and many wedding and corporate gigs. She became a #1 Best selling author for her book “Drum and Grow Rich” and is developing an online course to teach Drummers/Musicians how to get find and nail auditions, get high paying gigs, and create passive income while you tour ( She has worked/learned from with the top internet marketers in California including, Frank Kern, Ed Rush, Mike Koenigs, Henry Evans, and Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street).

Please check out for more info on the Author, and for more info about Music Marketing, Sales, Mindset, and More!

For a Free Price sheet sample that you can swipe and use go to  enter info and put “Price Sheet” in comment area.


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