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How To Skyrocket Your Twitter Promotion

With over 175 million users around the world, Twitter is truly one of the most powerful social networking tools in history. If you’re like most musicians, harnessing that power can be a real challenge. There are basically two ways to take advantage of your time and effort on twitter as a musician.

The first step is to follow people or topics you’re interested in. I would recommend following labels, A&R’s, managers, successful producers and so on. Once you start reading their posts over-time, you’ll have a great understanding of their interests, like and dislikes, allowing you to be more prepared when the time is right for you to connect with them about your interests.

The second step is one that is so simple yet so underused by musicians, it should be a Twitter crime. If you’re on Twitter for the sake of pushing your music, videos or whatever, you need followers. Every musician I speak with has such a hard time making this happen, outside of getting their friends and family to follow them.

Getting people to follow you is actually really easy, however. You don’t want to have just anyone follow you. You want to target Twitter users who have the same interests as your message. Let's says your message is to promote your hip-hop music. You wouldn’t necessarily want a bunch of rock fans to become your followers. No matter how good your message is, it’s most likely not going to connect with them. You need followers that directly relate to you and your message.

I would recommend finding independent acts in the same style and genre as your own,
that have a good number of followers and are actively engaged with their fans. Next, you want to take a look at who is following them and once you have that list up you’ll just follow those users.

Twitter only allows you to follow up to 2000 users or until the number of followers is somewhat equal to the number of users that are following you. Now you can’t expect everyone you follow to follow you back. So we recommend following the full amount of users, (you can do this in a couple of hours) and then waiting about a week to see who follows you back. (if they don’t follow you back within a week, they most likely never will) Once the week is up you can go back and manually unfollow anyone who hasn’t followed you back. There are plenty of tools online to make this task a lot easier, just google “Twitter unfollow tools” and you’ll find a bunch.

Once you unfollow those who didn’t follow you back, you’ll want to wait a few days before adding the maximum amount again, because Twitter monitors this activity and could think your account is for spam. Again, if you just wait a few days before adding the max amount again, you’ll be fine.

Once you have this down, you’ll want to make this part of your weekly social media strategy for your music and within no time at all you’ll have thousands of followers. Live-Banner-General-Homepage.jpg

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