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Too Late For A Woman?

Posted on 2/11/16 

Several years ago, I started an experiment called “Subject To Change” Its purpose was to create songs out of the many music ideas I had. The thing was I had no clue how to write a song!  Long story short, I figured it out, and “Anonymous In New York” became my first big song, as I often call it.

So…here I was! I had figured out how to write a song without even playing an instrument. Did this mean that my experiment was over? I couldn’t imagine my life without it, but I needed a new purpose, a new driving force. Of course, writing a better song is always a top priority now, and I can probably keep raising the bar until the end of time but what else?

I started crossing the industry: People who work for top worldwide music companies, people who had managed global superstars like Taylor Swift, people who wrote hits for Joe Cocker, Kenny Chesney and many others. My first fans and my first co-writers came, and so did the questions and opinions. How old are you? Do you want to have children and if so, you should know you have one more year to do it. You have a bit of an expiration date to be an artist…Does your husband support what you do? To be clear and fair, some people including from the industry were super encouraging and didn’t care what my age was. All they cared about was how good my songs were. Yeah, I got more than one song written, but they are not all publicly available. If they were good enough, people opened doors for me.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am over 30. 30 is a big, scary number to our society, especially to women because we are expected to have figured out life by then, to have accomplished everything we possibly can and to have done it right! I could have gotten mad about everyone’s attitudes. Well, of course I did for a minute! Mind your own business, people. Or worse, I could have quit because it was “too late for me”, but that’s not like me. Instead, I grabbed it; my new purpose!

The experiment is definitely not over, and I am going to keep going because I feel like it’s never too late for a woman to start something new or end something old, especially if she is over 30! That’s when life really begins. Are you with me? Comment on my Facebook page and let me know!

Rada and Subject To Change

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