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10 Tips To Improve Your Recordings

Whether you are recording in a home studio or paying for a state-of-the-art experience, you must prepare. Way too often, artists/bands go into the recording process thinking they know everything. Shutup, sit down and read. It could save you money and time, and be the defining moment in understanding how to pursue your next project.

1. Make SURE you have all the vocals and recording parts practiced and ready to record. Don’t waste any one's valuable time, especially your own!

2. Sleep well, don’t get wasted the night before and make sure to eat a nutritious meal before you embark on the journey of recording.

3. Make an intelligent and informed decision on who will engineer your record. Hear music they have previously worked on and let them hear your demos before starting any project.

4. Bring extra guitar strings, tuners, drum heads, ¼ cables and anything else you may need extra of.

5. Stay hydrated, no cold drinks, dairy, sodas or coffees. Also (especially the night before and day of) avoid spicy, salty and overly fatty foods. Ironically, green vegetables can make you gassy and uncomfortable when you are going to sing. Good foods for vocal performance include; Apples, almonds, proteins such as fish and chicken and honey (avoid tea if possible).

6. If you have ear fatigue, take a break or come back to the song another day. You may not necessarily recognize aspects of your recording, as distinctly as you would with fresh ears. This can develop into issues, which would possibly lead to more studio time fixing them!

7. Do not over-produce. With the technology available nowadays, it’s easy to drown your song with tracks on top of tracks. Often times, songs get lost in a sea of instrumentation. If you have a song that’s a hit on the acoustic guitar, you may not necessarily want to add 14 violins, a techno drum beat and your choir from Sunday worship.

8. Get your recording RIGHT. Don’t assume studio effects (i.e. auto-tune) will fix everything. Often times your recording will sound scattered and unprofessional. Make sure your instruments are tuned, and vocals warmed up!

9. SAVE every few minutes and create backups of EVERYTHING. I cannot stress how important these steps are.

10. Get honest, constructive feedback and listen to your mixes on multiple stereos (car, house, friend’s place etc).


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