Florida based rock music blog is looking to feature charismatic bands from the sunshine state & beyond.

Feb 16, 2017
Deadline March 16, 2017
Category: Blogs - Magazines
Type: Blogs
Genres: Active Rock, Alternative, Indie Rock, Rock
Summary: RARAsFarm is interested in featuring good new alternative rock, active rock and indie rock bands, and even more so with artists from the Sunshine State.

RARAsFarm is a rock music blog originating from deep in the swamps of Florida. They definitely lean more to the melodic side of rock, but at times they cover every niche and genre of rock. Hardcore, folk and EDM music is rarely featured. They do believe that covering the rock music scene and promoting good rock 'n roll is a symbiotic relationship, and expect artists featured on their site, to Share/Like/Cross-promote any material where they feature their music.

They are currently accepting Rock, Alternative, Active Rock, and Indie Rock submissions from Music Clout users for consideration.

Selected Music Clout users will be eligible to be featured in RARAsFarm.
Details: RARAsFarm is a rock music blog originating from deep in the swamps of Florida, covering Rock 'n Roll in Florida and Beyond.

They share new music that interests them and are always willing to listen to potential song premieres. Our core coverage features album reviews, show reviews and interviews.

Their site is staffed by volunteers who write because they are passionate about rock music, so they typically limit their coverage to bands and music that they enjoy.

Please do not contact RARAsFarm directly regarding this opportunity; submissions will be considered only through Music Clout.
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