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Brothers In Theory is a local rock act out of Clio, MI.

"Bloodshot against the clear blue sky! Tick tock, I think the well is running dry! My my! I can't lie! I need a shot again, that sweet Adrenaline! Dead scared 'cause I'm fearless in the head! Bang! Bang! 'Cause the needle's in the red! My my! I can't lie! I need a shot again, that sweet Adrenaline!" -Adrenaline by Shinedown

There's no better way to describe what these hell bent, head bangin' group of Adrenaline Junkies are all about. The emphatic rockers from the slums of Michigan are out for blood with the goal of rebuilding a broken music industry. Dreams of touring the world alongside their influences such as Shinedown, Alter Bridge and Three Days Grace with one thing in mind... Rock revival. Playing gigs all over MI with reckless abandon in support of their EP titled "Adrenaline" available now! The new single "Wait With Me" will hit the airwaves and take this country by storm.

Starting back in 2009, with a consistent trio of Adam (bass), Austin (guitar) and Mike (drums) and a few lineup changes and revolving members as "Kick Axe" and "Amplified," the charismatic group seemed to be on the outs. After a short hiatus in 2012, they started to click. Officially set as Brothers In Theory... Adam Mullin (lead vox and rhythm guitars), Austin Yenglin (lead guitar), Mike Parks (bass and backup vox), Jeff Hawes (drums). This adrenalized group hit it off with true chemistry cranking out songs left and right. Hard work and a lot of self marketing has put this band as a top local act in MI and are starting to receive recognition.

Packing venues like The Machine Shop, The Pike Room, The Ritz, New York New York, Uli's Haus of Rock, Diesel Concert Lounge and more... Opening for national acts like Super bob and Saliva this band is starting to take off and never look back. Look out for these rock and roll hellions as they tear through the state of Michigan kicking ass and taking names!

A fresh young group pulling apart and reassembling the rock formula with great results! Brothers In Theory is well on their way to becoming a force to be reckoned with!

"Failure is not an option, It's the fear that robs the goal, Unleash your lethal potion, The music In Your Soul." -In Your Soul by Brothers In Theory


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Debut EP "Adrenaline" out now! Our first show since the release is January 3rd, 2014 at The Machine Shop in Flint!