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Upcoming dates:

12/31/14 @ Sidelines Sports Theatre - Va Beach Va. 

01/17/15 @ Cafe Asia - 1720 I St. NW. Washington DC

01/18/15 @ King Of Diamonds - 17800 NE 5th.Miami Fl

Mike Green Interview 

1. How did you get your start in music and tell us where you’re from? Growing up in Jamaica as a teen I started in the dancehalls performing alongside Beenie Man, Capleton, Michael Buckley & Wayne Smith. Gave it up when I moved to So. Fla but picked it up again once I settled in Brooklyn recording at Don Juan Studio in Flatbush. 

2. Where do you draw inspirations from? My roots comes from my love of the dancehall culture back when Beenie Man and Bounty Killa was runnin shit and I used to tour the Island doing shows with other upstarts like Michael Buckley who at that time had one of the top songs “Soundboys” wanted to dub. After seeing the kind of $$$$ that was running for doing dubplates and touring, it was then I decided to pursue this career. So I would say it was more the lifestyle more so than any particular artist that got me started in the biz. Once I landed in BK though during Biggie Small’s prime I started to gravitate to Rap n Hip Hop and quickly realized the 2 genres had so much in common, it was a seamless transition for me. 

3. Who are you currently working with and any current or future projects? Owner and CEO of Vblock Entertainment (VBE) I also manage and promote some of the rising stars in Hip Hop including Dem Beenoz and Ness and formerly the exclusive mgr for Mizz Ash who I’ve all collabed with. 

4. What are your immediate music and career goals? Short term the plan is to brand both VBE and Clean Mike Green to national recognition then long term , the goal is to carve out a solid market for VBE products similar to other prominent crews in hip hop touring both nationally and overseas and putting out projects on a regular basis 

5. Do you have a target music audience? My target audience is the 18 45 yr old hip hop / dancehall music base. “If you love these genres you’ll appreci(luv) my steelo because I subconsciously merge both genres I think to a tee”. 

6. By what terms would you say you measure your success? When I can support my family and all my team’s families well through our collective music works over a sustained period of time then I will claim success. Until then we’ll be striving for success. 

7. Do you write all your own music and what’s that process like? I insist on personal creativity and staying true to self from my artists so it’s only natural I do the same. I enjoy the creative process, taking a concept born from a thought or a revelation through the process of creation and watching it grow into a flourishing entity, much like God does. It’s a little piece of what I like to call “Exercising my Godness” 

8. For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words: Blend Biggie, Pac & Ross 

9. Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? And why? Not looking for a major deal for myself as an artist but would be willing to partner up with an established distribution situation. 

10. Where do you hope to be 10 years from now? Made n Paid baby! 

11. How can your fans keep in contact with you through social media etc? Contact me thru my company on everything @vblockent or directly at everything @mrgreenonit 

***PRE-ORDER THE EP -They Call Me Mr Greenonit from Clean Mike Green, 6 songs all of which are singles to be released over the next 12 months on Vblock Entertainment Label will be released worldwide January 22th 2015 but can be pre-ordered for less starting Christmas Day 2014. 


Check out my new single "German #4" distributed by @DistroKid and live on iTunes!

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Chris Doss aka Do$$ Rollie is an American rapper / songwriter born and raised on the mean streets of Southside Chicago in the early 90’s to parents who reluctantly made a decision in the best interest of his future by relocating to the DMV area. After attending college to ensure he has something to fall back on, Do$$ is starting to realize his lifelong dream of becoming a rap star and songwriter

In 2014 Rollie released “Summer Long Mixtape” and immediately got the industry taking notice. Soon after he met Vblock Ent CEO Vblock Dutch who agreed to work with him to get to the next level. Together they’ve been working feverishly in the studio putting the finishing touches on his latest project

Now , at the end of 2015, promoting his El Presidente EP, Doss has been blazing stages from city to city on an incomparable grind to be one of the most sought after in the business. The former "RawStreet" group member turned solo offers raw lyricism depicting the harsh realities of street life, all the while remaining very creatively flexible and versatile in his topics. The first single off the new project, ‘Like Me’ ft Bentley is well anticipated and expecting to do numbers both in downloads and radio spins and will be dropping on 11/20/2015 worldwide

Check out Summer Long mixtape via Datpiff-

and request Like Me on your favorite radio station and listen now on Youtube -

Contact Vblock Dutch for Doss Rollie collabs and interviews

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Clean Mike Green aka Mr Greenonit Launched his music career in Dec 2014 and is set to drop his first project, an EP entitled "They Call Me Mr Green On It" on 01.22.2015. Stay Tuned for tour dates and sales updates