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My Bio

Group of Deviants is a revolving door recording project created by AJ Evans. AJ has released several songs in which he wrote and performed all instruments and vocals in the past, but when it was time for him to go back into recording he wanted to incorporate the talents of other musicians he has worked with.

Many things have almost prevented the release of any of their music. Largely due to costly computers blowing up during the recording of these tracks.

Luckily, most of the work has been reclaimed. 'ahh' is the first completed track from those salvaged recordings. 'Just a Guy', written and recorded within the first 15 minutes of AJ and Pat meeting for the first time in AJ's studio when he was brought into the group by Ant, was debated over many times on whether not to re-record the song in the studio for a more polished final version, but it was decided that any polishing of the track would take away from the charm and appeal it has considering the subject matter.
AJ Evans with:
Patrick Lincoln
John Phetteplace
Ant Kremski

Guest performances by William P. Brown III
New member, CJ Andrae, joined in the fall of 2011 during the collaborative effort 'Take Me As I Am' written by AJ and CJ and will be the band's first official video release. CJ came into the project as rhythm guitarist but after much mentoring and due to high demands from AJ and himself, also covers bass and lead now.

While Group of Deviants plans to move forward with plans to support the songs with live performances, that is a process that is just now being discussed and planned out.

This is G.o.D.

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