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Angela Nashed

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Sugar I(Official Video)New 2012-Angela Nashed

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My Bio

I dare you to pin Angela Nashed down, double dare you to put her in a box. What is her music? We are, each and every one of us inspired by those things that orbit us. Angela grew up in Kingston Ontario listening to urban music from the 90’s, as well as jazz, blues and rock n roll from various decades. Fast forward, after graduating from the University of Toronto, training with vocal coach and m
entor Paula Griffith, and moving to Montreal where she spent many nights watching and listening to the music being performed around the city – we have Angela Nashed, a cross between Eryka Badu and Feist – a passionate artist who could not stop if she wanted to.

Music making has been the undeniable controlling force. With a pocket full of music, Angela crossed paths with the engineer-about-town, sound designer and producer Vid Cousins. He invited her to his Monkey Puzzle studio and the music that came out had all the markings of something special. Through the culmination of creative instrumentation and touching vocals Angela's sound captured a unique musical voice. One that synthesizes a brightness and sense of awakening, that confuses your sense of time and makes you feel like you’re experiencing the past and the future simultaneously. Sweet vocals balanced by a heaviness of introspection, all stemming from the many sounds she has been hearing in her head. Angela now knows that coming together in a recording studio, they would all make sense.

June 2013 will be the litmus test. With this debut record, Angela is ready to make a mark with her voice and vision. We will be waiting.

Angela Nashed
Montreal, Canada

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