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Lucid Dementia is a horror based hybrid mix of Metal, Electronic and Industrial music fronted by a female/male vocals combo.

Interesting sounds, powerful guitar riffs, hooks so deep you bleed, drums that really thump, the vocal insanity of a children's puppet show, bass lines that dance and the wonderful horror of living.

Lucid Dementia is an Avant Garde Industrial Metal band from Austin, Texas that is led by a 6 foot tall alien creature puppet.
"I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but quite frankly, I was blown away!!! This band is great! They’re Goth, punk, and tight as hell. I couldn’t stop pounding my feet and bobbing my head. I defy you not to get off!"
-John Aielli, KUT radio 90.5FM

Lucid Dementia released their 4th full length album, “When The World Leaves You Behind” On January 26th, 2013. A national assault of shows and promotions is planned, including local CD release parties and events. Follow up music videos are also in the works.
Lucid Dementia was first conceived in 1996 by founding band member Sheldon Reynolds, influenced by bands such as Thrill Kill Kult, Skinny Puppy and Marilyn Manson. He wanted to create fantastical, dark, electronic music, as well as a band that could perform it. By 1997 he released their first album “Twisted” whose title track was snapped up by the record label COP International and put on their all female industrial compilation “Deus Ex Machina”. This gave the band instant international attention and acclaim, which also led to the inclusion of 2 of their songs on the CBS television show “NCIS”.

Lucid Dementia is also the name of the puppet that leads the band, nicknamed “Luci” for short and is the lead singer of the band, giving the lead vocals its distinct puppetty, silly, but creepy sound. “Speaking clearly about demented subject matter” is also the idea behind the name, as told lyrically in each song, with some a little more “Dementia” than “Lucid” and visa versa. For the first few years Luci performed the entire show with the band, but now only opens the show, as a new insane character was created, as performed by Sheldon, which is similar to Luci in voice, but much more human in appearance.

Each strange performance is as unpredictable as it is disturbing and may involve blood, gore, body parts, or something as simple as a grotesque body movement fitting for the music. Lucid Dementia performances charge and excite the most placid of crowds and has performed for mainstream festivals such as the Pecan Street Festival, or for children at the San Antonio Haunted House: “Nightmare at Grayson” (They can perform at a G rating if needed) and have opened for nationally touring bands such as Clan of Xymox, Thrill Kill Kult and Switchblade Symphony. Lucid Dementia has won multiple awards within their genre, including winning twice the Best Goth/Industrial Band in the SXSW Austin Chronicle Music Poll.

Although in the past Lucid Dementia songs were based on the alien Luci’s contempt for mankind, the new album “When The World Leaves You Behind” is based on ghosts stories with upcoming music videos and performances (or rather “séances”) that will reflect this. This new conception of the band is sure to horrify and entertain audiences lucky enough to witness it.

Television: The Songs "Twisted" and "Cannibal" have been used on the CBS Nationally Broadcast television show: "NCIS“. They have also performed twice during EXSE for ChannelAustin.

Film: 7 of Lucid Dementia’s songs were used in the Horror Movie “Sweatshop”.

Performance: Lucid Dementia is being played by underground djs all over the world. Lucid Dementia has performed in Austin, Pflugerville, Buda, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, San Marcos, Manitou Springs, and Colorado Springs, opening for nationally touring bands such as "Switchblade Symphony", "Clan Of Xymox", "Kevorkian Death Cycle", and "Crux Shadows".

Press: Lucid Dementia has been reviewed by The Austin Chronicle, The Austin American Statesman,Outburn Magazine, Industrial Nation (Magazine), Interface Magazine and Newgrave Magazine.

Radio: Lucid Dementia has appeared on the Austin public access TV show: "Rawtime", as well as a live recording at Austins NPR station KUT 90.5FM.


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Lucid Dementia has been performing since 1996 (so the actualy number of performances we have performed go much higher than 79). We just shot a music video with an up and coming film maker to be released some time in the next month or so. 2 of our songs were included on the hit CBS TV show NCIS (Twisted and Cannibal).