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Ola Löfvén is not an ordinary guitar player. Even though influenced by players possessing outstanding technical skills, it is not the speed and technique that makes Löfvén´s music stand out. After decades of playing, learning, and breaking rules, one can now easily identify his melodic style, with phrasing and dynamics that is not typical for any electric guitar player. With his own flavor and style he offers a blend of rock, jazz, reggae and grunge - often with a dark and melancholic touch.

Born 7th of June 1969 in Lund Sweden, Löfvén grew up in a quite conservative home. There is no history of musical skills in the Löfvén family, except for his great great-uncle who was a street musician in Stockholm. He was once heard by King Oscar II, who admired his playing so much that he replaced his worn out violin with a new one. Instead of traditional rock and pop influences, Ola was rather exposed to music from artists such as Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong and Jussi Björling. The ever growing list of artists influencing Löfvén now includes such giants as Rush, Joe Satriani, John Scofield, Michael Landau and Mike Stern.

Perhaps Ola Löfvén´s parents wanted him to be the next Louis Armstrong when they enrolled him in the municipal music school for trumpet. Playing the trumpet between the age of 10 to 16 did not result in any particular success. Immediately after quitting the trumpet, the local youth center formed a band and Löfvén quickly took the position of guitarist.
After that, there was a steady and noticeable learning progress. Playing in different hard rock bands did not lead to anything, even though the ambition was high. In order to take it to the next level, Löfvén studied at Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA 1993-1994. When coming back home to Sweden, creativity was the most important driving force, and pop-songs in both Swedish and English language got very positive feedback from publishers. Even today, being strictly in to instrumental music, Ola Löfvén is highly demanded for his lyrics writing skills.

Today Ola Löfvén combines his music career with a career as an IT security specialist, and lives in southern Sweden with his wife Christina and their kids Nora and Simon. After taking a break from music between 1999 and 2011, there is now a strict focus on further developing his personal style and produce more music. Future records may be less mixed and there will most likely be a more uniformed style for each record. Most likely, Löfvén´s music will also be heard in TV and film.

The name Löfvén consists of special characters only found in a few languages. To avoid strange variations and confusion around the globe, "Lofven" is also an acceptable spelling.

Ola Löfvén´s debut album "Lost In Translation" was released in late 2012. A second album is planned to be released in 2014.

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