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The Blue Carpet + Spiritual Anarchy

added on December 03, Wednesday

I have just released 2 more albums, The Blue Carpet, which is a slate on celebrity culture and lifestyle. And Spiritual Anarchy, an anarchic take on spiritualism. Of course!

These can be heard on spotify see my bio for further info :)

New Albums

added on October 01, Wednesday

I have just released 2 new albums, Going Through The Emotions, about a break up, and Once Shy Twice Bitten, a more optimistic album using more positive lyrics and chords. I am really happy with the latter, it is def one of my best albums.

Latest 11/09/2014

added on September 11, Thursday

I released my Best Of late last year, and since then I have recorded 5 new albums.

They are UFOlogy (Alien Abduction phenomenon), A Cold Served Dish (Love near misses), Laying It On The Lines (Lyrically brilliant day to day life) and Sonar System (Post-Death Jobs and Dreaming). I have just released Going Through The Emotions (about a break up)

There are some great songs to search for (on Spotify)

Tracks 2-5 on Sonar System are probably my strongest.

Track 11, The Valley Of Death on Laying It On The Lines is also really good.


My Bio

My artist name is alexthomasdavis (no spaces).

I have now written 65 acoustic albums, and 10 dance albums (Thirsty Work, The Greasy Spoon, The Mad Twitch, Grey Aliens Can't Dance, Slave To The Rave, Coming Down Cartoon Rave Trilogy). All in the space of 12 years.

800+ songs on Spotify/iTunes etc.

I am now hoping to get my dance music involved with TV/Film/Ads/Gaming, and hope Music Clout can be a platform for such a thing!

For further information please visit

My acoustic music is best described as melancholy, with a lot of soul and great lyrics.

My dance music is something I just LOVE doing :)

A Killer EDM track would be Twenty Winks or Speedboats Off to feature in video games/tv.

Some Quotes :-

>>'one of the most admirable lyricists I can name who has been around in the last decade' >> Peter Burns – Music and Media professional -

>>'Throughout “The North”, alexthomasdavis shows his ability to craft simple songs with emotional heft and lyrical intellect' >> Buddy Nelson - Music Journalist

Dance Music

The Best Of Too

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